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I am now 82 and walked away from 'traditional' Christianity over 45 years ago. I stopped attending church in 2009. I have a bit of a reputation for asking some of the awkward questions to which there are no easy answers.

A New Blog

I have been reorganising my blog and I’m currently putting the finishing touches to an entirely new blog entitled “Outside the Goldfish Bowl of Christian Religion“ Advertisements

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Why do we believe what we believe?

I’m now 77 and I have been outside the walls of ‘traditional’ Christianity for some 40 years. I’ve never had any formal theological training but as I look back especially over the last 18 years, I’m amazed at how much … Continue reading

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Some Awkward Questions

I first started questioning the Christian religion more than 60 years ago. I had been treasurer of an Anglican parish church for 8 years in the 1960′s. I was always asking questions. Why do we believe what we believe?

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Religion may not survive the Internet

I was already unemployed when I started using the Internet in 1997.  I created my first web site in 2000 when we only had dial-up connections. Life for me has at times been an amazing journey, especially over the last … Continue reading

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Nearing the end of the journey . . . ?

I wrote this originally in April – before seeing the article by Bob Greaves.  This is a lengthy article with several links where I have tried to share something of my own thinking. I saw a review by Bill Dahl … Continue reading

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