4. Living in the Present

How do we get away from the anxiety in favour of trusting that Father will provide?
Bear in mind the seasons – differing activities through the year – and differing stages of life – called to be at peace wherever we are?
Beware of living life not as a gift but as a commodity to be stored, saved, hoarded or maximised!
The undefended life is lived in the here and now – doing whatever Father is encouraging us to do at this stage in our lives.
Are we beginning to find contentment in the here and now?
How many of us feel we have missed out on the privileges of family life because we have been too busy or too preoccupied?
How many of us have found life disappointing – with unfulfilled longings?
Some have faced a catastrophe before realising they need a change of lifestyle – but with God we only ever seem to learn one step at a time.
We are being invited to share one day at a time with Father.
It is not for us to know what moments in our life will be of significance or of lasting value.
Only if we are present and available …
Are we able to leave the results to Father?


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